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Verdam is a large city, possibly located in the western United States.
It is named for the large hydroelectric plant located on its primary
riverway, the River Ver, which bisects the city into north and south
aspects. The northern aspect consists primarily of the boroughs of
Cascinne and Naimshire, while the southern aspect consists primarily
of the boroughs of Marevista and City East. Less populated administrative
regions of the city (not considered boroughs) include Aerotropolis,
Anise Island, Renaissance, Travertine Hills, Tarestine Hills, and
Old Harbor.

While the historical cultural center of Verdam was the borough of
Naimshire, and in particular the "downtown" area of the Naimshire Rose
and the adjoining Civic Center, the insolvency of the municipal government
and concomitant cession of de facto power to the Vizier International
Corporation has been accompanied by a westward shift of industry, commerce,
and population. A fifth borough, Perinthia, was created from the central
aspects of Naimshire, Cascinne, and Marevista in order to provide the grounds
for construction of the Lattice, a new "downtown" region. Construction of the
Lattice required diversion of the River Ver and has been accompanied by
gentrification of the Perinthia borough.