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Flower Castle is the second most populated and most densely populated
neighborhood in Verdam. As a municipally designated neighborhood,
Flower Castle is defined as the area east of interstate 3, north of the
southern limit of Transverse Park, west of the eastern limit of Assembly
Park, and south of the northern limit of Planum Park. However, residents
of the designated area generally identify Flower Castle as the system of
high-rise tenements and narrow alleyways clustered around Flower Boulevard
(pictured in dark grey on the above map). Surrounding this high-density
housing is an expanse of industrial warehouses that have mostly undergone
conversion into low-income residential units (light grey). The three parks
that rim Flower Castle-proper are no longer maintained by the insolvent
municipal government and have effectively become squatter settlements.

Flower Castle derives its name from a luxury hotel constructed on Flower
Boulevard before the neighborhood acquired its present connotation of
poverty. The construction of the Lattice and subsequent gentrification of
the surrounding land resulted in mass emigration of the urban poor to
the Cascinne Palaces neighborhood (of which the land that became Flower
Castle was then a part) because of its convenient location on the Cascinne
Harbor Railway. Before the Flower Castle hotel was formally closed, its
large neon sign had become an emblem of the rising settlement. It is
estimated that as many as four million humans live in just under two
square kilometers in Flower Castle's high-density section.